How To Buy Via A Debit/Credit Card Instantly

To Pay With Debit/Credit Cards, Please Follow The Steps Below

1. Download the app Wise from Apple Market or Android Google Play and open an account in one minute (No ID verification). You can also visit After you open an account, follow the steps below to send the payment. We will receive your payment instantly. 

2. Click the button to send the payment internationally. Please check the screenshot below
3. Enter the amount $299 and click on "Continue"
(The currency of recipient should be seen as EURO currency)
4. Select one of Debit Card / Credit Card / Bank Transfer and click on "Continue"
5. Click "Someone else" as a new receipt
6. Enter the information below and click on "Continue"

Email address:
Full name: Gamze Ceterez
Country: Belgium
City: Brussels
Address: TransferWise Europe SA, Avenue Louise 54, Room S52, Brussels
Postal Code: 1050
IBAN: BE25967187066482

7. Enter Reference as "Your Name" and click on "Continue"
8. Choose Debit or Credit Card as a payment method
9. Finish the payment using 3D secure 
10. After the payment, please contact us to follow the payment status